My best free Bitcoin strategy so far!

I’ve been publishing free strategies and tools to help beginning traders to achieve success in the rough crypto trading sphere for a little while now. But I think that this new free strategy for Bitcoin is the best one so far as it combines our Breakout Strategy with our Stoploss indicator and our position size calculator. This is an all-in-one trading strategy for Bitcoin (BTC), but it also works very nicely with most of the other major cryptocurrencies.

Trend Surfers is happy to provide you with free crypto signals that you can use with Binance.

Our goal is to help new crypto investors to succeed in the volatile crypto market. By using our free signals, you will make money trading mid-term trends in both up and down markets.

If you are brand new in the trading world, let me explain to you how it all works.

What are crypto-signals?

Crypto signals are Long (buy) and Short (sell) orders that are sent to you and that you will need to execute on Binance or another exchange of your choice ( as long…

Copy-trading for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum is getting more and more popular. This is very good for the new investors as it can produce greater returns than simply buying and holding, and also protect you in case the crypto market decides to crash again. And it will 😉

The problem is, many of the new crypto investors using these kinds of services, lose money and sometimes they lose all their money! So I will tell you here why lots of investors are getting rekt using these services and also what you should do to make money using crypto copy-trading.

Crypto trading bots 101

What is a crypto trading bot?

Most people imagine crypto trading bot as those super-advanced NASA supercomputers that control the crypto markets and leaves no chance to the retail investors. I often see people complain about the bots on social media. Not realizing that behind that bot, there is a trader.

The trader takes his trading strategy and writes it into a program. This way, the bot looks at the market 24/7 for him, and based on what the trader told it to do, will buy and sell Bitcoin or any other crypto that the trader wants.

A crypto trading bot can be coded in less…

When I go around crypto groups on social media, I keep seeing the same comments when it comes to holding Bitcoin. Investors are asking if they should sell or wait for a dip before jumping in.

Many times the answers are very similar, “ you don’t take a loss if you don’t sell”, “if you sell now you will regret it next month”, “HODL! “ “You will never see Bitcoin under “whatever price” again!

Very few are suggesting to sell and rebuy lower. To the new Bitcoin investor, this is an obvious choice. …

Trend Surfers Signals

Free crypto signals provider and trading tools maker that aims to help everyone achieve better trading results.

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